About Mason Garza

Hello everyone and welcome to The Place! Friday Harbor is one of the best places in our area to hear the gossip while getting some great food and beverages. We started this website to tell everyone what we are about and what else there is to do in this area. We take great pride in the quality of our food. Being a harbor we hear a lot about the fishing here in Pensacola Florida. We will talk to some of these guys who bring us our fresh catches for our resturant and see exactly what they say about the fiisherey here in Pensacola. We will also talk to some of the local fishing charters to help you decide which charter would be best for you while on your vacation to the Florida panhandle. Mason Garza is a Pensacola Native who will be doing all the talking! He loves interviewing people and really getting the goods down on paper to give y’all a great read! Thanks and we look forward to seeing y’all around