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new zealand lamb


Pacific Rim Bouillabaisse                               36

Northwest fish and shellfish in an Asian coconut milk and fish broth over jasmine rice

Alaskan Weathervane Scallops        36

Dusted in blackening spices, pan seared, served with a ginger-lime vin blanc sauce with cilantro and toasted garlicd

Black Bean Ravioli with Shrimp                 28

Cilantro wrapped black bean ravioli with shrimp sauteed in butter, garlic, tequila, lemon, basil, and cilantro. Served with sour cream and roma tomato salsa

Roasted Puget Sound Oysters                         30

Local oysters topped with a hazelnut-basil-garlic butter and baked until golden   

Painted Hills Filet Mignon                 41

Oregon beef, no hormones or antibiotics, grilled and served with a Whidbey's Port demi-glace reduction sauce

New Zealand Lamb Chops        

Rack of lamb sut into chops, dipped in an Indonesian ginger soy marinade, grilled, and served with a ginger mustard cream sauce with shitake mushrooms            

    2 double rib chops    36             3 double rib chops     42

 Evil Jungle Prince        (vegan)                                26

A mildly spicy Asian inspired coconut milk broth with a variety of fresh vegetables and jasmine rice


Seasonal Fresh Fish Selections

Currently featuring  Alaskan Halibut and Columbia River King Salmon

Also local clams and mussels